Premier Consulting Innovations

About us


Premier Consulting Innovations is a Midwest based training, consulting and marketing company that serves independent retail venues throughout the United States.  It focuses on providing Social Media Marketing initiatives that leverage the power of Constant Contact, Facebook and Pinterest.

The Company began operations in 2004 with a small base of customers and at that time the Company focused on consulting and training for independent retail jewelers.  The Company has grown to the point that it has locations in six cities and four states.  Through its Social Media Marketing Division, the company reaches out to over 150,000 email recipients through the development of eNewsletters that it produces for its clients.   It posts on client Facebook pages to a "fan" base estimated to be nearly 190,000  It currently manages Pinterest accounts for its clients as well.  

The Company’s success can be measured by the success of its clients.  Through the use of the diagnostic tools provided by Constant Contact and Facebook, the clients are able to verify the effectiveness of the marketing message.  The success is marked by the growth in the customer base and the people reached utilizing Social Media Marketing platforms, that in many cases, has been phenomenal.

Premier is a business partner of Constant Contact and two members of its staff are "Expert Presenters" for Constant Contact in its quest to educate business owners and non-profits on the benefits of utilizing Social Media Marketing to reach the marketplace in an effective and dramatic way. 

The Company is Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

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